Here is the list of operators that are under COAP control system following IACB Standard – International Accredited Certification Bodies, EU Equivalent for third world country.

NoNameCodeAreaStandard used and Product Type locationCertified productStatusNO.of telephone Contact Person
1 Barakat DatesPs-J-B10
IACB-AAljeftlekDateOrganic592838716Amjad Barkat
2ALReef Date FarmPs-J-A3.5 IACB -AJaricoDateorganic598935398Mohannad Himedat
3Farkha new farm for producing and marketing organic olive oilPs-s-F237.45 IACB-AFarkhaOlive fruitOrganic592070739Thameen Baddah
4Koferqadom agriculture farmPs-Q-KUF629.5 IACB -A ,DKoferqadomOlive fruitOrganic598770070Fayyad Jomah
5Banizeed farm for producing organic oilPs-R-BNI575.5 IACB -A ,DBanizaidOlive fruitOrganic598904495Mahmoud Alqadi
6The Farmer of Fruitful Trees " Silat al-Harithiya"Ps-J-S231.778 IACB -A ,DSilat al-harithiyaOlive fruitOrganic568916013Sufian Zyoud
7Alzawya farmPs-S-Z358.116 IACB -A ,DAlzawyaOlive fruitOrganic598481589Ismail hamodeh
8Masha Cooperative Farm for Agricultural DevelopmentPs-S-M579.5 IACB -A ,DMashaOlive fruitOrganic569324273Joul Jamal
9QarawatBanizaed farm for producing organic Olive oilPs-R-QR75 IACB -A ,DQarawatBanizaedOlive fruitOrganic599839578Zuhair Maali
10Aman Farm for producing wheatPs-Z-A151 IACB -AJinenWheatOrganic599756126Yousif Fayed
11Sandoqa Date farmPs-J-S32 IACB -AAlojaDateOrganic543311843Amjad Sandouka
12Deer Ballot farmPs-S-D515 IACB -A ,DSalfeetOlive fruitOrganic523808327Ismail alasqaer
13Oreef farmPs-N-O180IACB –A,DOreefOlive fruitOrganic598041676Abed Alfattah ALsafady
14Aseraha farmPs-N-A416 IACB -A ,DAserahaOlive fruitOrganic599789610Mohamed Hamody
15Anza farm Ps-J-A232IACB -A ,DANZAOlive fruitOrganic599728251Moatz Obeid
16Alzain Dates FarmPs-J-Z60IACB -AAljeftlikDatesOrganic592240274Zidan Alanoz

list of operators ” Processing & Exporting company “

NoProcessor Name CodeStandard used and Product Type Location Certified productOwners
1Alreef for Investment and agriculture Marketing CompanyPs-Proc-AlReefIACB - DAl RamOlive Oil & Date& MaftoleSaleem Abu Ghazaleh
2Ardona Agriculture Company "Mill"Ps-Proc-ArdonaIACB - DRamallahMilling olive fruit Baker Hammad
3AL-Noor millPs-Proc-AlnoorIACB - DMashaMilling olive fruit Othman Amer
4Al qanaeuh Ps-Proc-Al qanaeuh IACB - DjeninMilling olive fruit Hamam Sawahneh
5ALsafdy millPs-Proc-ALsafdy IACB-DNablusMilling olive fruit Ahmed Alsafadi
6Anza Organic MillPs-Proc-ANZAIACB-DjeninMilling olive fruit Mohamed ataya
7Aseraha Ashamalia MillPs-Proc-ASERAHAIACB-DNablusMilling olive fruit khaled ibrahiem

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For more information regarding these farms contact:

Agro. Dalal Hussien

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